Online-Bookmarks / Add-ons

I am having a break!

Online-Bookmarks has been developed for over seven years now. There where incredible many comments, feedbacks, ideas and help from people all over the world. In fact there have been so many, that I was not able to answer all of them. I really do appreciate every single message that reached me. But I need to get some distance of this application for the next couple of month, mainly because of this. Thanks to all of you supporting this tool, especially the one that made a donation. In the meantime the latest version will remain available for download. The same is also available on CVS.

So long, Stefan
August 22nd 2008

Bookmark any Homepage with one click
What is a bookmarking system without an easy possibility to add bookmarks? Almost every browser supports the so called "Personal Toolbar" where buttons with certain functions can be created. It often also is called "Personal Toolbar", "Link Bar" or "Bookmarks Toolbar". If you open the "Settings" page in Online-Bookmarks you will find a bookmarklet link called bookmark. Drag this link to your browsers "Personal Toolbar" and a button with the correct settings will be created.
The code beind the button is a simple JavaScript line. You can choose between opening the bookmarklet in a new window or in the same window.

Favicon downloader
In some cases you might want to run a script that downloads all the favicons for the bookmarks in your database. Here is one. Put it in your Online-Bookmarks directory, give it executable privileges and run it from a command line. Please note that it will be a good idea to give proper privileges. That means, that the user your webserver runs as should not be able to run this script. Thus it would be something like this:

# cd /path/to/your/online-bookmarks/
# chown root:root getfavicons.php
# chmod 700 getfavicons.php
# ls -l getfavicons.php
-rwx------    1 root     root          923 May 28 20:44 getfavicons.php

Thumbshots preview
This addon shows a so called thumbshots preview of the bookmarks URL from All you have to do to activate thumbshots preview is to get the thumbshots tar file and extract it to your Online-Bookmarks directory.