Online-Bookmarks / Online Demo

I am having a break!

Online-Bookmarks has been developed for over seven years now. There where incredible many comments, feedbacks, ideas and help from people all over the world. In fact there have been so many, that I was not able to answer all of them. I really do appreciate every single message that reached me. But I need to get some distance of this application for the next couple of month, mainly because of this. Thanks to all of you supporting this tool, especially the one that made a donation. In the meantime the latest version will remain available for download. The same is also available on CVS.

So long, Stefan
August 22nd 2008

That's most probably the thing you want to see right away. Feel free to create, edit, delete, move or even import bookmarks and folders, but please, do not delete too many bookmarks. By now people created quite a big collection here, thus there might be people after you who want to benefit of others creations. Thank you for that! You can logon with Username "bookmark" and Password "online" here.