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I am having a break!

Online-Bookmarks has been developed for over seven years now. There where incredible many comments, feedbacks, ideas and help from people all over the world. In fact there have been so many, that I was not able to answer all of them. I really do appreciate every single message that reached me. But I need to get some distance of this application for the next couple of month, mainly because of this. Thanks to all of you supporting this tool, especially the one that made a donation. In the meantime the latest version will remain available for download. The same is also available on CVS.

So long, Stefan
August 22nd 2008

I have been developing Online-Bookmarks since 2001. There are many hours of work, emotions and knowledge packed in this tool, most probably more than you can ever imagine (specially emotions). Online-Bookmarks is freeware and it will hopefully remain so in future. However, I am not driving a Porsche or Mercedes, and my famliy and me are not living in a big apartement, although I would realy like to.
Some people asked me for a possibility of making a donation to Online-Bookmarks. Of all the methodes, I found PayPal the best.
If you decide to make such a donation, let me thank you very much!